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This is war, and death is random.
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Dualla reflects upon the two men who have divided her heart... Billy and Lee.
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Bill Adama comes home on leave and finds that life on the homefront is starting to change.

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The New BSG Promo - Lee Adama

Legend...or Leader?

After the "Agitator or Angel" and "Pariah or Prophet" clunkers...I just keep telling myself, "This is the SciFi promotions dept...not Ron Moore nor anyone on the show who actually knows what they're talking about, and surely Ron Moore hates these things! Surely Ron Moore hates these things! Surely Ron Moore hates these things! But it keeps getting worse.

Is Capt Snarky dead? What happened to the stubborn scrapper who picks bar fights with King Kong? What about the complex anti-hero who was a man of principal, but also repeatedly compromises his judgment for his delusional obsession over a toxic woman? The most dedicated and confirmed Cylon-bigot in the fleet? After three entire seasons of establishing this character on BSG, is everything that ever made Lee Adama a complex, complicated, realistic person really all going out the airlock? Are we really going to have to endure Jamie Bamber's nightmare for Lee...a 2-dimensional, sanctimonious, pontificator?

Dreading Friday more than ever.

Great for Tahmoh! Bad for Helo?

Tahmoh Penikett may have just secured himself the title of Battlestar Galactica's breakout star. He has been cast as Eliza Dushku's love interest in fan favorite Joss Whedon's next series, Dollhouse. Whedon's huge fanbase has been buzzing with anticipation over this project since it was announced earlier this year, and it seems guaranteed to draw big initial numbers.

There has been no announcement about when filming on Dollhouse is expected to commence...but it's already nearly April, and if the series is expected to air in the fall, production should be commencing very soon. BSG fans, of course, now have to ask..."What about Helo?" With half of BSG season 4 still yet to go in front of the cameras, you really have to start wondering if Helo is likely to still be around when those final credits roll.

What's coming after BSG...

Like many BSG fans, now that the series is imminently winding down, I'm keeping an eye out to see what other projects might be coming down the pike for us to continue seeing our favorite cast members after the Rag Tag Fleet completes its journey.

At this point, we have the following that I know of...

Edward James Olmos: supporting voice role in Beverly Hills Chihuahua, estimated for release in Sept '08. Rumored lead role in Four Fags in a Fabulous Car, still casting.

Mary McDonnell: lead role in Jimmy Nolan, currently in pre-production, release date is TBD.

Jamie Bamber: lead role in Pulse:Afterlife, filming is completed, DVD release date estimated for 2009.

Aaron Douglas: possible recurring role on Reaper, though whether this show will be picked up for next season remains TBD. Guest role on Smallville, air date Mar '08. Lead role in Blood: A Butcher's Tale, filming completed, estimated for release some time in 2008. Supporting role in The Day The Earth Stood Still, currently filming, estimated for release in Dec 2008.

Michael Trucco: lead role in the NBC pilot Man of Your Dreams. Series is in pre-production, airdate is TBD.

Kandyse McClure: lead role in The Disposables. Currently filming, release date TBD.

Tahmoh Pennikett: supporting role in Trick 'r Treat. Estimated for Halloween release.

Grace Park: guest/possibly recurring role on TV series The Cleaner, air dates unknown

Allesandro Juliani: supporting role in Elegy, anticipated for release in April '08 in Spain. Supporting role in Traveling, currently filming, release date is TBD

Picspam...Best Chests

Shamelessly wading into the shallow end...

Last year, Starpulse magazine released their list of the five guys with the "Best chests" in the entertainment industry. And there were a few entries that are hard to dismiss, but it can hardly be called a comprehensive list of the best beefcake that celebrity has to offer, so I decided to supplement their list with a few more entries from my own collection of shirtless male hotness. And if there are any glaring omissions that you can remedy...please feel free!
(Nothing x-rated, but potentially not work-safe.)
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Just a quick squee for BBC America and a Razzie for Fx

Dropping in for a few quick fannish spasms.

MI-5 has returned to BBC America!! Yay!! Now if only they'd bring back Ultimate Force (not that it was a great show...it was actually pretty darn lame!) so that I can finally see Jamie Bamber's three strongest episodes on that show. Methinks I'll need to resort to *cough* less conventional means.

Damages wont' be back on FX until 2009. Boooooo!

Crack Wank - Prediction for BSG season 4

Let me be clear that this is NOT a spoiler. This twisted little notion has been percolating in my twisted little mind for a while now, and it is based upon nothing but my own suspicions regarding past story elements and a few clips from the promotional trailers which appear to reinforce it. Until Ron Moore proves me wrong, I'll assume I just may be right {which most likely means I'll be proved totally wrong, but not for at least a few more months}.
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Abandoning Ship

I have decided to divest myself from being a shipper. I have shipped many different pairs on many different shows over several years, but now I am giving it up.

Why? 2 reasons...

1. Because shippers account for 95% of the insanity and trollish behavior in fandoms, and invariably they suck much of the life out of fandom enjoyment.
2. Most of my recent ships simply no longer make credible, romantic sense for the characters involved.

Lee/Kara - The venomous behavior of many Lee/Kara shippers has definitely made me want to dissassociate myself with that segment of the fandom, but the simple dramatic fact is that the romantic bloom began to fade with this pairing by the end of season 1. Jamie and Katee's strong chemistry kept it lingering for a little while longer, but by mid-season 3 it was glaringly apparent that I wouldn't wish a relationship with Kara Thrace on anyone but Osama Bin Laden. I certainly don't want to see Lee Adama consigned to a life as an enabling doormat with a person who has had nothing but a negative impact on his life. It's still great drama, but this pair is no longer romantic -- now they're just tragic.

Lee/Dee - Jamie and Kandyse's great chemistry elevated this pairing far above the paltry writing they had to work with and for Lee's sake I still like this pairing. Dee is the only person in Lee's entire life who was ever both good to him and good for him. But the reverse can not be said. Lee has never been particularly good for Dee, and on several occasions he was definitley NOT good to her. Dee let Lee off far too easily for the insult and infidelity, and the fact is that Lee is his father's son and Adama men just don't make good husbands who are attentive to their wives. Sadly, Lee has also definitely inherited his father's inclination for clinging to toxic obsessions with abusive, alcoholic blondes. I don't want to see Dee heading down the doormat path, and she may well prove to be the only member of the Quadrangle of Doom to exhibit both a brain and a backbone by getting out of an unhealthy situation.

Kara/Sam - At first, it looked like Sam would be a far more suitable partner for Kara than Lee. Sam never had any misguided fantasies about who Kara is and what she's like. He accepts her exactly as she is, infidelities and all, and still wants a future with her. She needs that kind of unconditional tolerance in a partner, and it'll never happen with Lee. However, while it does appear that Sam is more likely to find happiness with Kara than Lee could, I'd never want to see my brother clinging to a relationship with a serial cheater, so I can't invest in this pair any more either.

Sheppard/Teyla - If the writing on Atlantis hadn't made me ho-hum about the entire show this season, I might still be interested in seeing Sheppard and Teyla take their relationship to another level. But just as the quality of the writing degraded, coinciding with Weir being written off the show, the spiteful behavior of the various Sheppard-shippers elevated, with flaming sparking up all over the place between rival shipper groups. It's just not worth the annoyance for a show that is slipping into mediocrity.

And so I find myself adrift, without a ship. (Oh, go ahead and make dingy jokes in the comments. You know you want to!) My other favorite shows, Damages and Burn Notice, don't really involve shippy kind of material, so I'll just be focusing on the individual character stories from now on, looking for good drama that is true to the characters regardless of who they sleep with.

Pot calling the kettle black.

I very rarely make political posts, because I just detest politics and most politicians. but Geraldine Ferraro's numbskull comment deserves a good razzing. Hey Gerry...sweety...don't you think everyone knows that the only reason you were the VP nominee a few years back was because you're a woman?

That being said, there is a hint of truth to her statement, but it doesn't apply to Obama alone. The fact is that ...

Some people are voting for/against Obama because he's black.
Some people are voting for/against Hilary because she's a woman.
Some people are voting for/against Hilary because she's Bill's wife.
Some people are determined to vote in November for whoever is the Democratic nominee because they are the "Democratic" nominee.
Some people are determined to vote for McCain in November because he's the "Republican" nominee.

And all of the people described above are fools.

Let's just hope that there are enough voters remaining who decide to cast their ballot for the best person and base their decision strictly upon the qualifications and the integrity of the nominees, because those are the only things that will matter once the election is over and it's time for the new President to actually do the job.